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Plasma's Idiosyncrasies

Kailynn consoled me by saying "don't worry, papa" when the printer
made noise last night.  She knows I'm tired and trying to sleep.


She can understand way lot more than people give her credit.
As I suspected, they just don't know how to express themselves but they do feel very complex emotions and conflicts.

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When you're angry, I almost got ran over...
When you're angry, I get cheated for 100 bucks?

That's some serious disrespect of yourself.

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Great article on anger, mood swings, inability to listen, poor impulse control, frequent anger and rage, need for admiration and externalization of blame.

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"TIME decides who you meet in your life... your HEART decides who you want in your life... but your BEHAVIOR decides who will stay in your life." -Unknown author.

When you are supportive, and they abuse it claiming you're ok with their behavior initially...
When you show restraint, and they think they can keep hurting you...
When you have broken male stereotypes to be the best husband, but they refuse to change even a single thing of themselves...
When you've done all you can to help them understand, and yet agreement doesn't lead to action...

When words are no longer trusted...
When every good day is just the calm before the storm...
When anger is the theme of the month...
When defense and ego take the place of love and understanding...
When passion for fighting overwhelms passion for collaboration...
When prejudice becomes the default...

When blame drowns responsibility...
When paying for professional movers creates stress instead of reducing it...
When all has been said and not done...

The only thing one can do is to just walk away.

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So is it an asian thing or Malaysian thing or what?
If you're in "The Colony", you know the reality TV series about a group trying to survive in post-apocalyptic world, would you give up your voting rights?
I would stand up for my rights as I shit as hell won't want anyone to start doing stupid things like deciding to leave the door open to marauders, right? Or decide that the person doing the least work should have twice the food ration.

I mean I just don't get it, right? In national politics, in local councils, heck even in apartment management committees, the folks just don't wanna get involved. It's usually a complaint of not wanting to do work for free while getting scolded by others whenever there are something undesirable. I understand that when you need to work to put food on the table but I'd like to think that the bunch of us who are no longer in that first hierarchy of need, could and should do care for what shapes the community coz it affects You!

So is it because the difference is that there are more people in the world right now than the post-apocalyptic world? Do we assume that someone else will keep watch and make sure people don't do stupid things? Well, guess what.... they Freaking DO! People are making stupid choices & decisions every single day, decisions which affects all of us. And if the normal mode of operation is "If not much people complain, it's ok." How can we leave it up to the few to defends the rest of us?

Are we nuts?


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We finally decided to get a puppy from the pet store, against the intentions to adopt from SPCA. Needless to say, he's from a puppy mill and has shown signs of being beaten and is afraid of loud noises.

If you move in to pat his head too fast, he ducks away thinking you're going to hit him.
I farted this morning and he runs away... the next sneeze sends him running under the sofa where he refuses to come back out.

Had to drag his ass out or he'll start to chew on some wires.
Still thinks we should've named him Jesus!

He thinks the living room is his toilet and even though he peed and pooped in the toilet the night before, he still saves some for the living room. That little rascal. He's obviously smart, understanding what we don't like him to do and where we want him to be but he's trying to see how far he can get away with things.
We have to constantly reprimand him.

The odd part is that he seems to have dual personalities, one always wanting to soil the living room. The other, he hides in the corner and refuses to come out to play. We'll have to slowly get him to understand what's ok and what's not around here.

In the meantime, we expect more pee and poo to clean.
Anyway, here's the vid of his first day in his new home.
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Been looking at some big bikes recently and found the same monopoly situation as cars.
Naza holds Ducati and priced it with a price that could buy a kidney, while placing the rebadged Hyposung (Korean-made) at the lowest price range with terrible (if not none) after sales service.

Kawasaki is the only brand producing CKD bikes and hence the only option if you don't want cheap-and-highly-doubtful-quality Naza bikes.

So then I'm caught between either the Ninja 250r or the ER-6f (650cc).
Many owners have dumped their 250r after few months, switching to the 650cc instead for more power.
Since I'm a beginner biker, I probably won't be bored of the 250 acceleration so soon but I don't want to have to trade it in later as well.

The ER-6f seems to be in a sweet spot of power and relatively straight sitting for beginner riders.
The local shops seems to be in cohorts on the selling price, charging crazy premiums for taking a loan on these bad boys.

It'll have to be cash terms to have any negotiating power.

Oh well, in the meantime I'll just leave you with some pics. Courtesy of


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Downloaded Lightroom 3 yesterday night and gave it a shot.
I noticed the release note saying that D90 tethered shooting in not supported in Windows Vista but may work.
I tried it anyway and realized what they meant. I got it working on first try and was shooting away, but after 20 minutes or so of inactivity, it stopped working.

Reconnecting the USB with combinations of restarting Lightroom 3 didn't help.
It was dead in the water.

I then tried lens perspective auto correction which was really the feature I was most excited about.
Turns out, it did not have my Tokina wide angle lens in it's profile. Nikon, Canon, Sony, Tamron & Apple... but no Tokina. Bummer. That said, I could use manual correction which does work pretty well.

More testing on noise filter & H.264 slideshow export tonight.
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I was taking shots of the street below when it was like a flash light flickering at me... the constant lightnings far away. I noticed how they were concentrated to one spot, at least from my point of view, which makes it so easy to photograph them.

Started off with my wide-angle to show the skyline lit up by lightnings. It was already dark.
Double lightnings Double lightnings
Lightning strikes as plane takes off Lightning strikes as plane takes off
The diagonal line on the lower right is a plane taking off from the Penang International Airport. This is a 25-second exposure shot.

It was about 10 minutes of constant lightning strikes 5~10seconds apart when I then decided to switch to my trusty 55-200mm for a close up shot.

My personal fav My personal fav

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Headphone's Blastin': Don't Stop Believing - Glee

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 Crested Serpent Eagle Crested Serpent Eagle
Saw this raptor circling above the petronas station on the way to the birding spot.
Blue-Throated Bee Eater Blue-Throated Bee Eater
Changeable Hawk - Dark Morph Changeable Hawk - Dark Morph
I noticed a big bird flying down and perched on the coconut tree just behind the cemetery where the flock of bee eaters were flying around enjoying themselves. My shots were a little dark as I was at the wrong angle but I didn't want to chance moving over the other side and maybe scare the raptor away. So I just sit and watched for it to make a move.
Bee eater under a shack Bee eater under a shack
Meanwhile, taking a peek at another bee eater hiding under the shade of a hot sunny day.
Changeable Hawk Changeable Hawk
Suddenly, the hawk took off to the skies.
Changeable Hawk Changeable Hawk
And my burst shots follow suit.
Changeable Hawk Changeable Hawk
The hawk flew away, no longer anywhere in sight.
Blue-Throated Bee Eater Blue-Throated Bee Eater
It was then back to the bee eaters.
Chestnut-Headed Bee Eater Chestnut-Headed Bee Eater
Watching them dive was great fun.
Blue-Throated Bee Eater Blue-Throated Bee Eater
Bee Eater Acrobatics Bee Eater Acrobatics
They're great flight acrobats obviously.
White-Throated Kingfisher White-Throated Kingfisher
Moving on, as I leave them bee eaters to move fun in the sun, I drove back out to the fishing village where this kingfisher was perched on a cable. Again, waiting patiently for it with my camera focused... I managed to pull some nice shots of it in flight. Need more FPS!!!
Collared Kingfisher Collared Kingfisher
I drove along this tiny road beside a bakau(rhizophora) plantation, came to the end of the tar road and was about to make a U-turn when this fella swoop down on a branch just 2meters away from my eyes. Slowly, I raised my camera and fired away.
White-Throated Kingfisher White-Throated Kingfisher
Heading out from the bakau plantation, another kingfisher wanted some attention. Stopping at a branch right in front of the car, probably at about 10 meters or so.
Pond Heron jumping off the rails Pond Heron jumping off the rails
Turning out, I took the path between a pal plantation and swampland that leads to another small fishing village. Here, there are about a dozen or so egrets and herons.
Egrets and Pond Herons Egrets and Pond Herons
I was taking shots of these guys, trying to look at what they're doing, but alas, my 200mm wasn't far reaching enough to get any details of their activities.
To Be Identified To Be Identified
I was almost thinking that we're probably done for the day but this raptor showed me otherwise. Swooping across my hide, with a split second reaction, my camera goes bursting. Only 1 clear shot. I got a couple more of its rear once it got to the trees on the other side, but those are too dark to give any clues.
Pond Heron on a coconut tree Pond Heron on a coconut tree
The fulfilling birding trip ended with how funny I still think a heron looks on a tree.

Feeling: accomplished accomplished

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